How Did Bass Fishing’s “Lake of Dreams” Get Its Name?

The “Lake of Dreams,” a private 70-acre lake in Kentucky in an undisclosed location, has been referred to as the “Area 51 of Bass Fishing.” The lake was created by two fisheries hobbyists and a fisheries biologist from Southern Illinois University. The Lake did not have a name until a reader of “American BeheMouth” pointed out the similarities to Kevin Costner’s film “Field of Dreams.” Remember, “build it (a baseball field) and they will come,” and baseball’s hall of famers somehow show up.

For the “Lake of Dreams” only the giant bass and poachers have showed up. There are bass in the lake that weigh 18-20+ pounds. Not just a few. Hundreds. A few celebrity bass pros and experts you would recognize have offered to come and “take a look.” Oh, geez, thanks. But no one has offered to come and pay to fish at a lake like this. There is a stigma about pay lakes; instead, this lake is something reserved for dreams. In fact, only one person, now two (fishing for one hour), have fished this lake for just a handful of hours total. In that time, one world record was landed.

How much would you pay to fish in a lake like this? What is the world record bass really worth? We have already proven it is not worth one million dollars. No one is paying that.

Building the lake was inspired by C.J. Covington, who came up with the idea to build Rend Lake in Southern Illinois. He served as the Chairman of the Board of the Rend Lake Conservancy District until the project’s completion. The “Lake of Dreams” was created in memory of him. It’s every fisherman’s dream to have a lake like this.

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