Recent Blogs related to American BeheMouth

Here are some recent blog posts related to American BeheMouth.

What’s Wrong with Bass Tournaments? Discusses the fisheries mismanagement issues related to bass tournaments. The articles offers great solutions including going to a digital format, where bass are released at the boat immediately.

Austerity measures for a balanced economy. Like Jay in American BeheMouth and shown in the metaphor of the bloated bass, our bloated government is going to have to take on austerity measures like Estonia in order to get out of this slump.

Build it (at any cost) and they will come. This blog shows the idiot thinking of building more and more, without any considerations as to cost or return, including stadium projects and other shameful government spending. Jay, in American BeheMouth, is also a good example of building beyond his means.

The Economics of Bass Fishing. For anyone considering going pro, please reconsider. The article shows who is making the money at your expense. The system is rigged, just like our economy. Remember the old saying, “This lure catches more fisherman than fish?” It’s true across the board.

American BeheMouth and Doping in Sports. Just like doping in baseball and cycling, fishing has its cheaters too. I point out comparison in sports and government.