Bass Fishing’s “Lake of Dreams”

Imagine a lake where every cast creates a swirl from a monster bass in the 11-15 pound range. Some casts result in landing your biggest bass ever. A targeted hunt can yield the next world-record bass, over 27 pounds. Welcome to a 70-acre lake in Kentucky in an undisclosed location, the “Area 51 of Bass Fishing.”

The lake was created by two fisheries hobbyists and a fisheries biologist from Southern Illinois University. After setbacks and issues, the lake is teeming.

Read a sample chapter on how the lake was built.

Read more about how the lake was created.  Learn the formula for raising the world-record behemouth bass. Get the book in paperback.

Read newly-drafted content about Lake Toho! The newly-drafted content discusses a true account of fishing Lake Toho in 2002. Even though Lake Toho is considered one of the premiere fishing lakes in the country, it does not compare to the Lake of Dreams. The Florida bass are long and giant, but they do not have the right fish-to-food ratio for many of them to grow over 15 pounds. In one scene here, Bob takes us to a one-acre spot with 100-150 bass 10-15 pounds each that helped Dean Rojas win the Bassmaster Top 150 in 2001.